She mostly resembles a regular motorbike. Very small in size, especially compared to the others, but should not be underestimated. Its main advantage is acceleration and drifting.
Unique abilities: Shock Wave, Smoke, Mines


He’s a real heavy duty racer, despite its size, it is relatively fast, but slows down a bit in turns. Good combination and easily becomes your favorite. Due to its size, he handles collisions better than Comet, so it can be a good choice for a beginner as well.
Unique abilities: Double Torpedo, Invisibility, Smoke


This character is medium in size and he is the most balanced. 
Easy handling and good max speed. 
Unique abilities: Shock Wave, Invisibility, Smoke


For a novice player, he can be challenging, but for a more experienced pilot Flux can be a great companion. Slow acceleration, but if you navigate skillfully, the top speed will surprise you. Handles collisions very well.
Unique abilities: Invisibility, Smoke, Double Torpedo